Is Your Car's AC Making You Hotter? Three Areas You Should Check

Posted on: 28 June 2017

Imagine the scene. You've just finished work and you are walking to your car, which has been parked outside in full view of the summer sun. You jump in and crank the air conditioning, suffering in silence while it springs into action. But what if it doesn't? What if your AC is producing more hot air than cold? This has got to be fixed quickly, so what should you do?

All May Not Be Lost

It's amazing how Australians rely on air conditioning and especially in a situation such as this. The temperature in your car in these conditions is off the charts and you're going to have a miserable drive home. You may be able to do something about it right now, however, by checking in three different areas.

Is There a Blockage?

The condenser is situated at the front of your vehicle and is sometimes vulnerable to blockage. Check to see if any object (such as a plastic bag or a buildup of leaves) may be blocking the intake. The condenser uses hot air that your car encounters as it drives down the road and circulates it through the system to cool the air in the cabin. This may be a quick fix, but if the condenser has been damaged by a stone or other object, it may need to be replaced.

Check the Hoses and Connectors

While you are looking in this area, check all the connections and hoses that link the system together. If they have been compromised in any way, coolant may be leaking, and this could be causing the problem.

Is It the Fan?

The next place to look is the cooling fan. When your car is stationary in this situation, the fan should be going at full tilt. Its job is to create the airflow over the condenser, and if it's not turning, this is the reason why your AC is missing in action. Have a look in the fuse box to see if you need to change the offending item, or carefully check to see if the fan is obstructed somehow. You will need to turn the car off first, because if you remove any obstruction otherwise, the fan will start turning immediately, and it could injure you.

What to Do Next

Hopefully, one of these quick checks will enable you to cool off in your car as you're driving home. Otherwise, make a beeline for your nearest auto mechanic, so that they can pinpoint the problem and help you out before you fry.


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