Why You Should Never Skip Taking Your Car for Scheduled Servicing

Posted on: 6 June 2017

If you look in the owner's manual provided by your car manufacturer, you will find information on how regularly you should take your car for servicing. Because car servicing costs money, you might be tempted to skip some scheduled visits to the car service shop simply because you want to save on car operation costs, but that would be a bad move.

Here's a breakdown of the great benefits of servicing your car according to the manufacturer recommended schedule.

Minimise repair costs 

Regular servicing of your car presents an opportunity to identify the need for motor fluid or parts replacement. Typical inspections involve checking if the engine oil and filters need to be replaced. Various components of the vehicle gradually wear and tear over time, meaning routine servicing is necessary to help tell when it is time to replace overly worn parts. By revealing potential problems before they can arise, car service mechanics will recommend the best course of action, eliminating the need for costly repairs later on.

Reduce the risk of a breakdown

By identifying impending problems in good time, scheduled servicing will help keep your car running properly, minimising the risk of more serious issues arising in the future. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of car breakdown, especially in times of need.

Ensure car safety

Another important benefit of scheduled car servicing is that you may be able to identify and remedy problems that may compromise your safety on the road. Vital safety components like your braking system, suspension and steering system, and wheels and tyres will be checked to ensure they are in good working order, so that they don't let you down at crucial moments.

Prolong the service life of your car

It goes without saying that a well-maintained car will stay on the road longer than one that's not properly maintained. Therefore, car owners that want to maximise their vehicle's service life should make sure they invest in car servicing. 

Maintain the value of your car

When you keep your car running at peak efficiency via routine car servicing, you will be able to maintain its value. In case you decide to sell it at some point, you will definitely get a good price for it compared to what you would get when you haven't maintained your vehicle.

While you will be charged every time you take your car for service, the benefits that you stand to reap by providing your car with consistent service outweigh the cost implications by far.


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