• Two Factors to Consider Before Buying New Tyres for Your Car

    Not all tyres are equal; as such, if you're in need of some new ones for your vehicle, it's important to consider several factors before you make your purchase. Read on to find out more. Budget The price of tyres can vary quite a bit. Most fall into one of three categories: premium, mid-range and economy. Generally speaking, it is only advisable to opt for economy (the cheapest of the three categories) if you use your car infrequently on well-maintained roads (i.
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  • Why You Shouldn't Panic if Your Vehicle's Check Engine Light Engages

    When any of your vehicle's dashboard warning lights engage, you don't want to ignore this; those lights are connected to sensors that are going to alert you to problems under the hood long before you notice needed repairs. Fixing those problems as soon as possible can mean saving you money and also avoiding a potential breakdown. If you do tend to ignore those lights because you're afraid of what they might mean, note that you shouldn't panic when one engages, including the check engine light; this may not mean that the engine itself actually needs work.
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  • Why You Should Never Skip Taking Your Car for Scheduled Servicing

    If you look in the owner's manual provided by your car manufacturer, you will find information on how regularly you should take your car for servicing. Because car servicing costs money, you might be tempted to skip some scheduled visits to the car service shop simply because you want to save on car operation costs, but that would be a bad move. Here's a breakdown of the great benefits of servicing your car according to the manufacturer recommended schedule.
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