Types of Diff Repairs Your Vehicle May Need

Posted on: 31 August 2017

Your rear differential comprises gears, which are constantly covered with oil. This oil functions to ensure the bearings in your differential do not overheat, as this could compromise the operation of your vehicle. Nonetheless, this fluid eventually breaks down as it deteriorates with constant use. As a result, friction occurs in the moving parts, which in turn causes metallic debris to collect in the gear oil. If the oil is not changed on a routine basis, you begin to experience problems with your differential. Moreover, normal wear and tear also occur due to everyday driving, and this will also cause problems for your car. So what are some of the types of diff repairs that your vehicle may need? 

Gasket replacement

The materials used to manufacture gaskets for your differential are usually either rubber or silicone. Although these materials are hard wearing, they are not immune to degradation. If the deterioration is not caught in time, there is an increased likelihood that your differential will spring a leak. Luckily, gasket replacement is not a complicated procedure. As long as you routinely inspect the components, you can have a mechanic change out the gasket in a timely manner once it begins to exhibit signs of being past its shelf life.

Pinion seal replacement

The pinion seal is a component located at the front of your differential. It functions to cover the yoke that is attached to the driveshaft of your car. Just as with gaskets, the pinion seal will start to disintegrate over time due to the strenuous working environment that it is exposed to. Signs of damage typically present as scratches on the surface of the seal due to the ageing of the rubber. For the pinion seal to be replaced, the auto mechanic will have to detach the yoke from the vehicle. Thus, this form of diff repair tends to take longer than gasket replacement.

Side seal replacement

Side seals are crucial to the operation of your differential as they are tasked with ensuring transmission fluid does not make its way to your vehicle's rear brakes. Since some motorists tend to overlook their side seals as they are out of sight, damage can occur and stay undetected until a major leak springs up. When the side seals have become compromised, the repair process is quite labour intensive as the mechanic will have to remove the axle shafts from the vehicle to access the seals. Thus, not only would this repair take longer to be completed but would likely cost more too.


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