Why You Should Reconsider a Caravanning Holiday

Posted on: 19 June 2017

If you're looking for a different type of adventure when you set off on holiday this year, why not go it alone and be self-sufficient? Instead of choosing an all-inclusive and predictable resort somewhere, why not take your family on a caravanning trip? Before you think that this type of solution is restricted, just consider how different the modern-day caravan is to what you may have been used to before. What should you be aware of when considering whether to purchase a new caravan?

Modern-Day Accoutrements

In the old days, the interior of a caravan would be functional, but not a lot else. This has changed significantly and not only will you get all the creature comforts, you will enjoy a much more stylish product, as well.

Plastic moulding is used to create fixtures and fittings that are very conscious of style. Lighting can now be activated by remote control or movement sensors to make them far more user friendly. You're likely to have a dishwasher as well, which may be more than you even have at home!

Expanding Your Options

You don't need to feel constrained when you are away any more, as the exterior design of the modern-day caravan has changed a lot. You could get a model that has a drop-down deck, which comes out of the rear section. You may be able to use this to enjoy an afternoon of fishing next to a lake, for example.

Better Drivability

You may be well aware that the typical car has changed out of all recognition in the last decade or so. The caravan industry has kept up as well. It's important that the van of today is lightweight, so that it can be less of a drag on the vehicle and provide better petrol economy. You'll find a lot of carbon fibre in the build which is lightweight, but very strong. Other materials like titanium are used to create the suspension and underframe, to make it easier to tow.

Talking about ease of manoeuvrability on the open road, you needn't worry about how difficult it will be to pull behind your vehicle. Electronic stability is a great help in windy conditions. Additionally, many caravans now have high-efficiency disc brakes, rather than the old drum set up. They will be much more responsive during deceleration, especially when under load.

In addition, the suspension system has now been redesigned so that it works independently, rather than as a unit. The new rubber suspension tends to elevate the unit and give it more ground clearance, which makes it easier to tow in loose conditions.

Getting the Right One

Have a word with your caravan supplier to see how this type of adventure holiday could be a perfect fit. 


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