Two Factors to Consider Before Buying New Tyres for Your Car

Posted on: 14 June 2017

Not all tyres are equal; as such, if you're in need of some new ones for your vehicle, it's important to consider several factors before you make your purchase. Read on to find out more.


The price of tyres can vary quite a bit. Most fall into one of three categories: premium, mid-range and economy.

Generally speaking, it is only advisable to opt for economy (the cheapest of the three categories) if you use your car infrequently on well-maintained roads (i.e. ones that do not have potholes that may inflict damage on your tyres) and are willing to replace them in the near future. This is because budget-friendly tyres are not known for their durability or longevity.

Mid-range tyres are an excellent option if you're looking for tyres that can withstand frequent usage and long road journeys. It should be noted, however, that the lifespan of these type of tyres is dependent, at least in part, on your driving style. If you are quite a cautious driver and do not partake in habits such as abrupt braking and sharp, sudden turns, then these tyres should last for quite some time.

On the other hand, if you have a more adventurous driving style and enjoy testing the limits of your vehicle's capabilities by travelling at high speeds, making very sharp turns and braking quite abruptly, then you might be better off splurging on premium tyres. These are made from the highest-quality materials and can provide better grip, as well as greater fuel economy and shorter stopping distances. The high level of traction and handling that they offer will enable you to drive in the manner that you prefer, without running the risk of damaging your vehicle.


When shopping for new tyres, it is vital to consider the type of terrain that you usually drive on. If you normally use your vehicle on even, well-maintained motorways which are mostly free from mud and debris, then standard tyres with a shallow tread depth should be perfectly adequate.

However, shallow-tread tyres will not suffice for off-road journeys on muddy terrain. This is because they will quickly become clogged up with mud which will, in turn, result in them losing their grip on the road surface. At best, this loss of grip will leave your car stuck in the mud; at worst, it could lead to you losing control of the vehicle and being involved in an accident.

As such, if you regularly travel off-road, on terrain which is muddy, uneven and unstable, then it would be wise to invest in tyres designed specifically for this type of terrain, such as Deegan 38 tyres. These types of tyres have extremely deep treads; as a result, it will take much longer for them to become clogged up with mud. This means that you can safely drive your car on challenging terrain without running the risk of losing your grip on the road and getting trapped.


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